P-13e SHD (2015)

















     P-13e Semi-High Deck is a redesigned model, the appearance is like P-13e but in fact there are many differences. TmsBus has made fabulous changes and breakthroughs; P-13e Semi-High Deck has major interior modifications to enlarge the interior space such as space of luggage compartment, floor space of passengers and resting space of driver are the three elements to develop the new concept of space. Besides increased in space, the proper height of the bus also takes as important consideration to ensure passenger comfort and safety.  


Topic Exterior

P13e SHD exterior photo banner     P-13e Semi-High Deck exterior is basically similar with P-13e appearance except with one additional rear tail signal lamp. TmsBus new interior structure design has extended the height of bus in order to expand overall space of the bus. P-13e Semi-High Deck will absolutely provide more profound impression on the bus.

 P13e SHD exterior-luggage photo banner

Luggage Compartment

      Scania K-series structure of luggage compartment stretches from the front to the rear axles and the entire kerb side is free from components, which enable P-13e Semi-High Deck to build additional luggage capacity that can accommodate many motorcycles and other large packages. The luggage compartment is equipped with automatic LED lightings when door open for convenience of the passengers during handling of their luggage. The left side of the door is installed with automatic open settings control by driver. The Engine Control Unit (ECU) is mounted in the luggage compartment to facilitate future maintenance and inspection.

Note: the above is for Scania K-series chassis only.


Topic Interior

P13e SHD interior photo banner

P-13eshd lighting


     P-13e Semi-High deck redesigned interior high-floor in order to have ample room for luggage and resting compartment for driver under the floor.  The curved staircase design is for passengers comfort. It also includes the exclusive co-driver seat, so that driver has a comfort environment. Interior LED lighting provides attractive design, safety and comfort to the passengers to enjoy the journey.  



     TmsBus P-13e interior is equipped with attractive LED night lightings at staircase and walk way for concerning of passengers safety when moving inside the bus. LED lighting system is used for energy-efficient and durability of battery life.

 P13e SHD dashboard photo banner


       The new design of Dashboard is very impressive. The height of the Dashboard and all the Instrument Panel buttons are well organized for the convenience of the driver to control the bus.

 P13e SHD co-driver-seat photo banner


Co-driver Seat




      We provide a foldable and removable exclusive co-driver seat, so that drivers have their individual work environment. There is a resting compartment behind the co-driver's seat.

P13e SHD driver-sleeping-compartment photo banner

Driver Resting Compartment

     The resting compartment for driver is located under the floor and behind the co-driver's seat. The resting area has the features of LED lighting, air-conditioning, power supply plug and compartment for personal luggage. The resting area allows driver to avoid disturbing from outsiders and rest at ease. 

P13e SHD seat photo banner

Seat     We offer VIP (27-31 seats) and NORMAL (40-45 seats) seats to meet customers’ requirements. A variety of high-quality fabrics and high-quality synthetic leathers for tailored made to individual preferences. Moreover, we also offer the seat armrest, pedals and seat belts for customer matching. Adjustable driver's seat is provided to ensure long-distance driving more comfort and safe.


Topic Chassis

TmsBus P-13e Semi-high Deck only can be assembled to

Scania K series Chassis , such as:

SCANIA : K250IB / K360IB / K410IB 6x2 / K410EB 6x2*4 




Topic Specifications

TmsBus 13e SHD Specifications